Suicide is Everybody's Business

On Wednesday 7 June, the Suicide Safer Eden steering group is holding a public meeting at which anyone who lives or works in Eden - with an interest in helping to reduce loss of life by suicide - is welcome. The meeting will be held at the Penrith Rugby club starting at 5.00pm.

At the meeting, we will hear about an initiative called ‘time to change’ which is being led by the mental health charity MIND. 

It is our firm belief that local people taking small steps can help to reduce loss of life.

Eighteen months ago Juliet Gray and John Brown who are both involved in suicide prevention called a public meeting which was held at Penrith Leisure Centre. An astonishing 50 local people came to the meeting ranging from people who have been bereaved, concerned individuals, key agencies both statutory and voluntary.

It was agreed that a working group should be formed to lead the process of considering what we as local people can do to reduce the number of people taking their lives by suicide within Eden district. Every loss of life is an utter tragedy and the damage caused to family, colleagues and friends is massive and goes on and on.

The group which includes public health has been working to find ways of reducing loss of life through small steps taken by local individuals, organisations and businesses.

This meeting is an opportunity to hear what the group has been doing and consider ways in which you as someone living or working Eden may be able to assist.

It is important to realise that reducing loss of life by suicide is not something that can simply be left to the ‘experts’. As local people and businesses, we all have a responsibility to play a part, however small in helping to reduce loss of life. This is your opportunity; please do come along to the meeting. 

Let us know if you are planning to attend so that we can arrange for refreshments and food. Contact Email:

Tel: 01768 812660

For more information please contact:

John Brown (Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide)

Mob: 07572 975 721

Or Juliet Gray (Carlisle & Eden MIND)